My creations are all Raku fired outside my workshop here in Stubbington, Hampshire, UK.  I use the Naked Raku process and I also use Raku Glazes.

The pots are fired to approx 900c and then are put into a Reduction Bin.  I use different materials for the reduction, cardboard, newspaper, sawdust or even dried oak leaves. It is then left in the Reduction Bin where the smoke does its work.

Removing the piece from the Bin is the exciting stage, you really do not know what you have achieved until it is washed clean and the effects of the process appear before your eyes.

Every piece is different and unique, there are lots of examples shown in the Gallery.  

If you see a piece and it is already sold, please do not hesitate to contact me as I may well have something similar. You may also see a Pot you like, but prefer the lid of another, again, give me a call, I am producing new and exciting pieces all the time.