About my Work

I have always been quite ‘Creative’ and over the years I have had a play with various arts and crafts. 3 years ago I started my own gardening business and I love the designing/creative side of that too.
I did pottery at School in Art Classes but as that’s nearly 40 years ago, it is a distant and foggy memory. Over 30 years ago I worked at a Mental Health Hospital in an Adult Training Centre where I persuaded the Manageress to allow me to start-up pottery with some of the patients because I felt it would be therapeutic for them and this proved to be quite successful.

Once I left there and started a family unfortunately pottery became a thing of the past until 18 months ago when I met a lovely Potter, Rose who encouraged me to come to her Pottery sessions and this time I became instantly and totally hooked.

The Summer house at the bottom of our garden is now my little Studio where I totally lose myself with the creativity that clay brings. I found Naked Raku really fascinating and having completed a fabulously informative ‘Alternative Raku Workshop’ with John Evans last year, this is the process that forms the basis of my work.

I love the uncertainties that alternative firing methods bring, no two pieces are the same. Every piece is different and unique.

Most of my pots are thrown on the wheel, fired in my Raku Kiln and reduced in an Antique Wash Tub bought in the South of France! Only the best for my pots!

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