About my Work

I have always been quite ‘Creative’ and over the years I have had a play with various arts and crafts. I started my own gardening business and I love the designing/creative side of that too.

I did pottery at School in Art Classes but as that’s nearly 50 years ago, it is a distant and foggy memory. Over 40 years ago I worked at a Mental Health Hospital in an Adult Training Centre where I persuaded the Manageress to allow me to start-up pottery with some of the patients because I felt it would be therapeutic for them and this proved to be quite successful.

Once I left there and started a family and unfortunately pottery became a thing of the past until 10 years ago when I met a lovely Potter, Rose who encouraged me to come to her Pottery sessions and this time I became instantly and totally hooked.

I now have a Studio at the bottom of the garden where I totally lose myself with the creativity that clay brings. I find Raku really exciting and I love the uncertainties that alternative firing methods bring, no two pieces are the same. Every piece is different and unique.

Recently I have also produced Garden sculptures and pieces in Stoneware which is really exciting

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